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Batson River Brewing & Distilling Cocktail Classes in Portland, Maine

Ready to step up your at-home happy hour or dinner party hosting game? Join us every Saturday at 3pm throughout the month of March to earn your PHD (Party Hero Degree) from our expert bartenders. Your $35 ticket earns you up-close and personal instruction (witty banter included) in the preparation and enjoyment of two cocktails plus a link to the recipes so you can pull them up on your phone whenever you need them.

Shaken Or Stirred?, April 2

This week’s class, Shaken or Stirred!

We’ll discuss the differences between the two methods, and why they’re essential for their respective drinks. We’ll talk about the modern interpretation of a sour (egg white assumed!) and even talk about the vegan variation with aquafaba (chickpea brine). We’ll also give you the drop on why James Bond always ordered his martini shaken.

Barrel of Fun, April 9

Muddled Waters, April 16

In Theory, April 23