Batson River Brewing Beers

Batson River Beers

Bed Head Blonde - 4.50% ABV

Made with 100% German Pilsner malt and our house yeast, combined with New Zealand Motueka and German Spalter Select. This Crisp Blonde is bright and effervescent, Balanced notes of oranges, dried wildflowers, flowers, biscuits and honey.

Release Date: 11/28/18

Fish House IPA – 6.0% ABV

Toasty orange body with pine and lemongrass on the nose. Mild vegetal and sticky green hop bite. Soft and refreshing with a pleasant bitterness. Made with our house yeast.

Release Date: 11/28/18

Rigby Stout – 6.25%

Dry with big roast flavors of toasted bread and hazelnuts. Bittersweet chocolate with balancing sweetness of dark honey and vanilla.

Release Date: 11/28/18

Riffle Scotch Ale – 5.20% ABV

Caramelized grains, marzipan, toasted bread and light bright coffee notes, Mild bitterness and low ABV. A simple finish makes with a pleasant drink.

Release Date: 12/10/18

Pearl Street Pilsner – 5.30% ABV

This is a dry hopped pilsner with a faint malty finish. Notes of fried flowers on the nose with a dry finish. Brewed with German malts and Czech hops and a Czech lager yeast.

Release Date: 12/24/18

Turbat’s Creek IPA – 6.00% ABV

Think creamsicle without the cream. Bright and orangey, mellow sweet body, brewed with American and German malts, American hops, orange zest and our house ale yeast.

Release Date: 12/24/18

Wanby Pale Ale – 4.30% ABV

Dry and crisp ale with low bitterness, vivid carbonation, clean with herbal and citrusy finish with light apricot notes. Brewed with traditional European hops, American malts and our house yeast.

Release Date: 1/6/19

Cleave’s Cove IPA – 6.40% ABV

Dry, pleasant sticky-green hop presence, with ample citrus and tropical fruit notes.

Release Date: 1/17/19