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Batson River Spirits

Dixie Bull Rum

Dixie Bull, ‘The Dread Pirate’, was the first known pirate to sail off the coast of New England attacking English ships and coastal Maine towns in the 1630s. It isn’t just lore that pirates, like Dixie Bull, loved Rum; it has been discovered in long-lost buried treasure. Legend says that Dixie Bull’s buried treasure has yet to be discovered here in Maine.

Langsford Road Bourbon

Langsford Road is one of the most beautiful roads on the Maine coast. Along it, the Atlantic Ocean meets the fish houses and lobstermen who provide us with just a few of the bounties that Maine offers. We named our hand-selected Bourbon Whiskey after this road so everyone could share in its beauty.

Clock Farm Vodka

Our Vodka is named after the Clock Tower Farm, set on a rambling plot of farmland just up the road from our Tasting Room. The clock, which was once mounted on a factory in Massachusetts, kept such bad time the workers complained and it was moved to Maine, remaining here since the early 1900s as a landmark for the community.

Riparian Gin

The interplay of water and land is essential to Maine and the Kennebunks. The lavender in our signature Riparian Gin is grown on Batson River Farm, just off the namesake river, which protects aquatic wildlife, feeds our vegetation and is enjoyed by people here and wherever you are drinking our gin.
Batson River Sip Award 2019
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